Maria Mourani is a criminologist and sociologist, graduated from the University of Montreal. She is the president and CEO of Mourani-Criminologie. She worked in several organizations related to public safety and conducted several national security files in the Parliament of Canada as a Member of Parliament. She was a parole officer for Correctional Service Canada in community and detention. She has also worked with Centre jeunesse de Montréal and CSST as a rehabilitation officer.

Maria Mourani was a research officer and teaching assistant. During her professional and academic career, she has conducted research on street gangs, organized crime, human trafficking and prostitution. She is the author of three books on the subject: La face cachée des gangs de rue,Gangs de rue inc and Milena Di Maulo. Fille et femme de mafiosi.

Since 2013, Maria Mourani has been interested in the phenomenon of youth engagement in jihadist groups. She is currently doing a PhD at the University of Ottawa on becoming-jihadist in Western countries, particularly in Canada, France and Belgium.